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About BMar Flies and Bruce Marino

With over 40 years flyfishing and tying experience, Bruce Marino has travelled to many destinations to fish for fresh and saltwater species. His flies have become widely used and are often go-to patterns for the guides in the areas that they guide in. A few of these places include Cooper's Minipi Camps in Labrador where they use his BMar Norway Rat, Hexagenia and Stonefly patterns. Guides at Crocodile Bay Lodge in Costa Rica use several of his BMar Wounded Baitfish patterns. They are used there to catch offshore and inshore species.

Guiding on the crown jewel of Connecticut, the Farmington River and shore guiding the coastline of Connecticut are his main passions now. He is the past fly tying editor for Fly Fishing New England and Fly Fishing the Mid Atlantic States magazines. He’s also a
Hardy Flyfishing endorsed pro.


Some of the projects that he has recently completed are tying circle hook flies for a study being conducted by Lefty Kreh along with many working captains in the Northeast. In the past, he was on the research and development team for D.H.Thompson Cobra Vise. He is one of the lead designers for Pacific Fly Group. They have produced many of his innovative patterns for anglers all over the world to enjoy. Currently he is promoting his DVDs "Fly Fishing for Mako Sharks" and “Fly Fishing the Farmington River: Connecticut’s Crown Jewel”.

• Fly Designer for Pacific Fly Group

• Past Fly Tying Editor for 2 Fly Fishing Magazines:

Fly Fishing New England and Fly Fishing the MidAtlantic States

• BSA Approved Certified Angling Instructor

Bruce is featured in:

Steve Thornton's Fly Tyers of the World

Angelo Peluso's Saltwater Flies of the Northeast

Angelo Peluso's Fly Fishing Long Island Sound

Bruce is a Hardy Fishing and Hodgman Pro


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